HOW MUCH IS THIS GONNA COST ME? A website, like any image-building piece, should be considered a continuation of your company's marketing plan. If promoted well, it provides inexpensive, worldwide exposure for your company. Many things must be considered before an estimate can be determined. Please answer as many questions as are relevant to your website project. Thank you!  
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  Will you provide all illustrations/photography or would we provide this service for you?
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       no, I will need this service
  Will all content be provided in electronic format?
             yes, content will be in electronic format
       no, I will need copywriting services
  Will there need to be downloadable documents? If yes, how many?
             yes.  Total documents 
       no downloadable documents
  Will you need any contact or other forms on your site? If so, how many?
             yes.  Total forms 
  Would the site need continual updating? If so, how frequently will you need updates?
             yes.  Frequency 
  Do you require special functions such as: Flash, SEO (search engine optimization), client registration or other database; CMS (content management system), secure product order forms; on-line catalog of products; or other? If yes, please describe.
             yes. Please describe.  
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