With a love of math, and an affinity for art, Carrie combined these talents with plans to become an architect. Well, plans change. Living in the heart of Silicon Valley encouraged another career path that combined her opposing skills: Programming. Carrie was scooped up by a high-profile dot-com where she created sites for startups through Fortune 500 companies. Later came the the dot-bomb, so Carrie darted off to Colorado with her family. She now develops web sites and does SEO for clients across the country, while making time for camping trips in her pop up, and weekend treks to the mountains.

Unlike Carrie, Jamie never did see the appeal of math. She decided to concentrate on the side of her brain that actually earned her good grades, so she makes up the creative half of our team. She has a degree in Advertising and Design from the University of Wisconsin, and has put her creative talents to work at top ad agencies and design companies in Madison, Chicago and Philadelphia. An award-winning designer, she's now based in Madison, WI, where, depending on the time of year, she can either downhill ski or waterski within minutes from home.